Kraken Expands Crypto Offerings and Payment Options for Canadian Users

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E-money exchange Kraken is gearing up to provide Canadian consumers with a more diverse range of options, unveiling plans to introduce eight new cryptocurrencies and integrate Interac e-transfer capabilities into its platform.

In a recent blog post, Kraken disclosed its intention to include Astar, Audius, Centrifuge, Moonbeam, GensoKishi Metaverse, Perpetual Protocol, Sui, and Woo Network among its supported cryptocurrencies. This expansion reflects Kraken’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the Canadian market, providing users with access to a broader spectrum of digital assets.

Mark Greenberg, Canada’s managing director for Kraken, emphasized the transformative potential of crypto assets for Canada, reinforcing the nation’s position as an industry leader. Greenberg stated, “Crypto assets continue to present a transformational opportunity for Canada, which is already an industry leader in many respects.”

In addition to the electronic money expansion, Kraken is introducing Interac e-transfer as a funding option, accessible through both its web and app platforms. This move aligns with the recent announcement by Interac, the widely-used Canadian interbank network, expanding its e-transfer service to include FINTRAC-regulated money service businesses and investment dealers regulated by the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization. Kraken users can now leverage Interac e-transfer for seamless funding transactions, enhancing the overall user experience.

As part of its ongoing efforts to strengthen its presence in Canada, Kraken has appointed Dina Mainville, the founder of blockchain services firm Collisionless, to its Canadian board of directors. Mainville’s expertise in blockchain technology adds valuable insights to Kraken’s strategic decision-making processes.

This series of updates positions Kraken as a key player in the Canadian e-money landscape, offering users an extensive selection of digital assets and convenient funding options. The exchange’s proactive approach to adaptability and innovation contributes to Canada’s long-term engagement with crypto asset technology, solidifying Kraken’s role in the country’s crypto ecosystem.

Kraken’s expansion plans, combined with the integration of Interac e-transfer and the addition of a seasoned blockchain expert to its board, signal a dynamic phase for the exchange as it continues to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the Canadian crypto market.

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