We support our medium-sized clients with a comprehensive tax and legal advice, consolidate their position as auditors vis-à-vis authorities and enhance their management skills, for example in corporate finance. The client-oriented approach is the key value of Eli-Swiss’ philosophy: our firm is committed to bettering its excellent performance and service provision, relying on steady client feedback and newest standards in the legal industry.

MSB License in Canada

Money Services Busines play a crucial role in the Canadian economic landscape. These firms facilitate various economic favors, including money transfers, currency interchange, and prepaid access, among others. To work lawfully in Canada, MSBs must acquire the needed MSB license, controlled by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of...
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Maintenance services & Substance in Canada

This category includes our professional assistance we offer regarding accompaniment and maintenance services in Canada. Our employees can also act as providers of accounting services in Canada. In particular, among the latter, our customers receive following: profitable optimization of performed operations and internal schemes; preparation of relevant tax and financial...
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Assistance with AML/CFT Standards

Canadian Treasury issued changes to Virtual Currency Regulations applying to digital actives and foreign exchange monetary operations (MSB). Such firms are demanded to send data about customer operations with cryptocurrencies to Canadian government agencies. Transactions that exceed 10,000 Canadian dollars, which is about 7,500 US dollars, will be transferred. Additionally,...
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Preparation of legal opinion in Canada

In many cases, legal opinion is part of deals performed by the banking institution. However, very often the participants in the operation do not pay due attention to the importance of this aspect. Below, we will try to consider in detail what concept nature of legal opinion in Canada is,...
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Opening of bank accounts in Canada

As you already know, registering a partnership in Canada allows for simplified access to the US and Canadian banking system. To open a bank account without hassles, it is recommended to register a partnership in Canada, with a resident as a nominee. This procedure is more time and cost-efficient and...
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Company registration in Canada

Canada is a jurisdiction characterized by stability for business structures. Therefore, many entrepreneurs choose this particular country: both those who are just starting their commercial journey, and those who want to expand the boundaries of their commercial operations. Company registration in Canada has many nuances, can be difficult and somewhat...
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Licensed companies formation in Canada

MSB organization has its own commercial characteristics. In particular, such features relate to the services offered by the company: Currency exchange;  Money transfer;  Trading in virtual currency; Transfer of virtual cash as a means of payment. The process of registration of MSB companies will require various KYC documents, such as...
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Ready made licensed companies for sale in Canada

Buying a ready-made licensed company and working with experienced professionals who know this industry. They will support you in achieving your goals and help you to get away unwanted challenges. Licensing is a wide commercial sphere in Canada. If you wish to possess of multifunctional company, we are ready to...
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Ready-made company in Canada

In global business-environment, limited partnerships in Canada, which have a specifically-set structure and tax-status, are especially popular. They’re widely-used in areas of activity where application of agreement drawn up to avoid double taxation isn’t needed. Below we’ll analyze key privileges and benefits that this market-space provides to capital-holders. Our team...
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