About Us

Eli-Canada is an independent, newly-established law firm, keeps in pace with the changes and updates of the regulatory framework in its practice areas and has positive attitude toward new technology trends.

We support our medium-sized clients with a comprehensive tax and legal advice, consolidate their position as auditors vis-à-vis authorities and enhance their management skills, for example in corporate finance. The client-oriented approach is the key value of Eli-Canada’ philosophy: our firm is committed to bettering its excellent performance and service provision, relying on steady client feedback and newest standards in the legal industry.

Our main tasks

  1. Help our clients minimize tax liabilities in accessible legal ways;‪
  2. Protect client assets from possible negative consequences;
  3. ‪Provide the client with optimal advice based on a thorough study of the legislative basis of the state in order to increase the client’s condition;
  4. ‪If necessary, assist the client in the pre-trial or court settlement of a corporate dispute in any jurisdiction;
  5. ‪Support of the client’s business at any stage of work.

Contact Us

1055 West Georgia St. BC V6E 3P3