Ready-made company in Canada

In global business-environment, limited partnerships in Canada, which have a specifically-set structure and tax-status, are especially popular. They’re widely-used in areas of activity where application of agreement drawn up to avoid double taxation isn’t needed. Below we’ll analyze key privileges and benefits that this market-space provides to capital-holders.

Our team is ready to provide you with expert support in creating and developing a business-project. We possess plenty of fully-certified companies for sale worldwide. We’re aimed at achieving maximum results, regardless of case complexity.

How to buy a ready-made firm in Canada: general peculiarities and advantages

Today, Canadian market is characterized by dynamic growth and favorable business-conditions for entrepreneurs. Thanks to this, businessmen are interested in registering a local company, but creating a firm from scratch is a rather complicated and time-consuming procedure. More suitable option for many entrepreneurs is to purchase a shelf Canadian organization. It should be remembered that Canada isn’t currently an offshore jurisdiction, meaning that firms registered locally are covered by taxation in some cases being onshore).

Besides you might get a firm with ready bank account, such opportunity relieves a businessman of all problems, in return providing access to a wide range of advantages this jurisdiction possesses. Particularly, entrepreneurs rate Canada highly as a suitable location for business-expansion for next-mentioned reasons.

  1. Jurisdiction attracts businessmen with its investment prospects.
  2. Corporate tax-rate in Canada is 15%. It applies to businesses whose profits don’t exceed C$500,000.
  3. Most contracts and agreements with business-partners might be concluded without additional approvals from regulatory authorities.
  4. Canada has a convenient geographic location allowing local firms to supply goods and services to North America.
  5. Country is characterized by stability not only in the political but in the financial sphere.

Key advantage of doing business-activities in Canada is opportunity to move the whole family to one of the most developed and influential countries globally, to launch a profitable business-project with maximum support from the state and private investors. After 5 years of permanent residence and work of the company locally, entrepreneurs and their close relatives have the right to get the status of Canadian citizen.

Not only Canadian citizens, but residents and even any foreign person can implement incorporation of their own business-projects locally. Loyal government policy aimed at supporting medium and small businesses creates extremely favorable conditions for relocation.

Purchase procedure and document list

It’s much easier for a beginner in entrepreneurship to acquire a ready-made registered business-structure in one of Canada’s provinces. Entrepreneurs expanding their businesses through acquisitions or takeovers expertise twice the sales growth of those starting businesses from scratch. Algorithm for purchasing an existing business-project in Canada is as next-mentioned.

  1. Decide on a niche. Having entrepreneurial expertise is considered key when selecting a specific industry for a firm. It’ll increase chances of purchasing a profitable business-structure and will facilitate getting a targeted loan from one of the local banking establishments.
  2. Find a broker. In Canada, real estate, land and business-structures are sold through an intermediary. Here our lawyers can help you and become this kind of intermediary party, offering profitable options for business-projects.
  3. Select from the proposed options and conduct an analysis. When the buyer has decided to purchase one of the companies, the broker will offer to sign a confidentiality agreement and show all documentation the future owner of the organization will request.
  4. Sign the contract. After all kinds of checks and audits, an agreement is drawn up, which indicates the total cost of the business-project.

Our lawyers will become your reliable allies and intermediaries along this path. We’re ready to offer you fully-covering advisory and practical support.

Documents needed by a potential buyer can be listed as next-mentioned.

  1. Personal information including copy of national passport.
  2. Copy of a document confirming place of residence.
  3. Confirmation of availability of funds and source of corporate cash flows for firms.

Canada is eager to welcome successful entrepreneurs with new ideas who are willing to invest their assets to benefit Canadians and create jobs. For ambitious businessmen, it’s a chance to launch a business-project in one of the most developed and economically stable countries globally, and for their families it’s ability to move to one of countries with the highest standards of living, ecology and well-being.

Taxation in Canada

According to law-basis, Canada uses a territorial taxation system. If a firm doesn’t conduct business-activities in Canada and doesn’t interact with local companies, it may be exempt from corporate tax-payment.

  1. Corporate tax-rate: federal is 15%, at provincial and territorial level it’s from 8% to 16%. For partnerships, a 0% rate applies.
  2. Income: federal is 33%, at provincial and territorial level it’s from 11.5% to 21%.
  3. VAT is 5-15%.

How much does a ready-made firm in Canada cost?

Cost of a ready-made organization in Canada varies in each individual case and depends on many factors. Our experts will calculate preliminary price for you before cooperation begins and offer options maximizing your budget.

What is included in the cost of services

Our fully-covering range of professional services includes next-mentioned in its price.

  1. An extensive list of shelf companies in Canada for sale and selection of the most profitable and optimized option.
  2. Opening of bank account if needed.
  3. Preparing a set of documentation for the buyer, particularly, drawing up and filling out mandatory forms.
  4. Registration of any commercial premises locally, particularly, office for commercial purposes.
  5. Assistance in communicating with the seller and paying all government duties and fees.
  6. Drawing up and signing a contract.
  7. Comprehensive advisory and practical support during deal’s conclusion.
  8. Optimizing your budget.

Trust your commercial future in our professional hands.

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