Canada financial regulator seeks feedback on crypto disclosures

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Canada’s regulatory authority in financial matters, guided by the OSFI, is actively seeking input on the disclosure of cryptocurrency assets, aligning with broader global trends. This initiative follows the agency’s proposal of new guidelines in July, emphasizing the perceived risks associated with the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency sector.


The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a resurgence after a turbulent period marked by the collapse of major participants, including the FTX exchange, a year ago. This event triggered a substantial decline in prices and prompted overseers worldwide to intensify scrutiny over entities involved in handling crypto assets.

OSFI’s Interest in Crypto:

In addressing the challenges presented by the evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, the OSFI has taken a proactive stance. The regulator’s recent step to gather public feedback underscores its commitment to a collaborative approach in formulating comprehensive guidelines for entities operating in the crypto space.

Consultation Process:

The OSFI’s consultation process, inviting input from diverse stakeholders such as industry experts and the general public, aims to gather insights that inform the development of robust policies governing the disclosure of cryptocurrency assets.

Global Coordination:

Simultaneously, the OSFI’s consultation aligns with a comparable initiative by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), a global body overseeing banking regulations. The BCBS seeks feedback from internationally active entities on the disclosure of crypto-asset exposures, emphasizing a coordinated effort among regulators to establish a consistent and globally applicable framework.

Rationale Behind Enhanced Scrutiny:

The cryptocurrency market’s inherent volatility and the potential for systemic risks have prompted regulators to scrutinize the exposure of entities to digital assets. The past collapse of prominent exchanges has underscored the necessity for a proactive regulatory approach to ensure financial stability and investor protection.

Balancing Innovation and Risk Mitigation:

As the crypto industry evolves, regulators confront the challenge of balancing innovation and risk mitigation. The OSFI’s approach to actively engage with stakeholders reflects an acknowledgment of the need to adapt regulatory frameworks to the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market.


The OSFI’s decision to seek public input on crypto disclosures aligns with the global trend of heightened regulatory scrutiny amid market disruptions. This consultation process provides an opportunity for diverse perspectives to contribute to the development of regulatory frameworks, ensuring the responsible and secure integration of cryptocurrencies into the broader economic system. As the crypto landscape evolves, collaboration among overseers, entities, and the public remains essential for establishing a resilient and forward-looking regulatory environment.

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